ReactJS – Personal Project, Epic Campaigns

Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons. A tabletop role-playing game where you collaborate to a joint adventure. I have also been trying to teach myself to React and modern Javascript. So I decided to join the two and create a personal project that would consist of both! Be warned this is very early stages and any data you... Read Full Article

My Research: Learning ReactJS – Part Two – React Router + Searching

Note: You may want to checkout My Research: Learning ReactJS - Part One first. Going into this I thought React was going to be awful if I am completely honest, but it turns out it's not so bad after all. All of the data types feel nice and easy to work with, being that it is Javascript and there are a decent amount of modules and tutorials... Read Full Article

My Research: Learning ReactJS – Part One

I have been looking into updating my knowledge with a new technology (if that's what you can call it). I have always been fascinated with React and Angular but I have never actually set myself the task of learning one and getting something built with it. My end goal is to use ReactJS as a front end for WordPress, which I can use as a CMS. Using the... Read Full Article