jQuery Tutorials & Examples

How To Highlight Dates Using jQuery UI DatePicker

The jQuery UI datepicker is used a lot across the web, primarily for... well picking dates. It provides the user with a small date display when they click inside an input field, the user can then select a date which is populated into the input field. This date can then be submitted to the server side and used for whatever purpose it is intended. ... Read Full Article

Simple jQuery Ajax Tutorial For WordPress

Ajax requests inside WordPress are a little more complicated and a little easier than not using WordPress. There is a couple of actions you have to include inside your plugin or functions.php file and a couple of nice functions you can use to check for cross site script attacks. Before adding any of the code to your site you will need jQuery included... Read Full Article

How To Fix jQuery Masonry and Google Fonts

This is a quick post just to let you know about the fix for jQuery Masonry and google fonts (this probably applies to all custom fonts). The problem with jQuery Masonry is that it can load and position all the items based on the height of the grid items. The grid items height changes depending on the font used. So if jQuery Masonry is laid out on... Read Full Article

Quick and Easy jQuery Masonry Tutorial

Recently I had the need to create a website with a brick like grid effect. To achieve the effect I used jQuery masonry, in fact EpicWebs uses the same piece of JavaScript. To get hold of the plugin head on over to http://masonry.desandro.com/ and download the js file. Then come back here to learn how to get it all set-up. How to get started with... Read Full Article

How To Add jQuery To The Footer – WordPress

After messing about with the new in footer parameter for adding scripts to WordPress I got quickly frustrated with the fact that for some reason it would not be added to the footer of my site. I even saw solutions about adding the src parameter which still did not work. I played around for a while and finally got a solution working for me, check it... Read Full Article