Advanced Custom Fields – WordPress Plugins For Developer Series

Advanced Custom Fields is a great plugin for developers, it allows you to create extra fields in the post/page screen or inside the custom post type screen. This plugin unlocks a lot of potential to be able to achieve some great content management for editors or general users.There is an alternative but it requires writing up some code which can... Read Full Article

How To Easily Create WordPress Theme Option Pages

This article contains a simple and easy to use method for creating theme option pages. You can create as many pages as you like and even repeat the process to separate themes. This method does not use the new theme customiser but I will be writing a post for the new theme customiser to help with changing colours, fonts and other things that change... Read Full Article

Custom Metaboxes Made Easy – WordPress

A lot of my recent builds have consisted of WordPress based websites. WordPress unfairly gets labeled as only being good for building a blog, I completely disagree. One thing I do believe every developer should have in their WordPress box of tricks is the ability to quickly and easily create extra fields that accompany posts or pages and are easily... Read Full Article

My Favourite WordPress Plugin for Email Marketing

I have been working on a website recently that required an email autoresponder that users could subscribe to and then recieve a weekly email. The email contained information on a training course that the client was providing. The whole site was setup including the training course and the signup form. The signup form was working but for MailChimp and... Read Full Article

What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym for a markup language called Hyper Text Mark Up Language. Hyper is the term used to mean that users can go anywhere in the "code" at any time. There is not the requirement to move sequentially (first this, then that, then third etc.). People on the Internet experience this "hyper" as being able to go anywhere on a web page they. ... Read Full Article

CKEditor Broken In IE + Unterminated String Literal in Ace.js

This is a quick post to let people know about an issue with the CKEditor in drupal not displaying for internet explorer. I searched for a solution for a long time and could not find out why the CKEditor would not display in IE, very frustrating (but then I've never been a huge fan of drupal).It turns out that this is a conflict with the Fitvids... Read Full Article
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Where & How To Comment Out HTML or PHP?

If you have ever seen anything like <!-- I am a comment --> then you will know what an html comment is.This is a quick post to show how to do html comments and when you should use them.Here is an html comment.[html] <!-- I am an html comment. --> [/html]Notice the opening tag starts with an exclamation mark, but the... Read Full Article

How To Fix jQuery Masonry and Google Fonts

This is a quick post just to let you know about the fix for jQuery Masonry and google fonts (this probably applies to all custom fonts).The problem with jQuery Masonry is that it can load and position all the items based on the height of the grid items. The grid items height changes depending on the font used. So if jQuery Masonry is laid out on... Read Full Article

An Interview With Rhys Wynne, Author of bbPress Complete

This is the first post in the blog section of EpicWebs and it's a real treat.We had the pleasure of talking to Rhys Wynne, author of bbPress Complete and asked him a few questions, which fortunately for us he also answered. Check out the interview below and leave your comments/questions in the comment section at the bottom of this post.Hi, ... Read Full Article

My Top 8 Free WordPress Themes

One of the most powerful things about WordPress is themes. You can install a theme and your whole website can change and display your content completely different to how it was before. One problem with themes is knowing where to get some great themes, sure you can pay for them but free themes are even better. So I have rounded up my 8 favourite free... Read Full Article

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up And Running A bbPress Forum

How To Setup bbPress The first thing you need to do when setting up bbPress is to make sure that your website is a WordPress based website. bbPress is a plugin for WordPress which is installed and then activated to give the features of a forum inside WordPress. bbPress uses custom post types which allow you to integrate it very easily with the rest... Read Full Article