WordPress for Beginners – Skillshare Course

Recently I’ve been thinking about making a Skillshare course for people who want to get started using WordPress. This course is aimed at users of the admin area and not developers. I will likely make a developer focused course in the future so stay changed. If you want to check out the course you can see it here: WordPress for Beginners Course.

What can I gain from the course?

The idea of the course is to get everyone comfortable with using WordPress and knowing where they need to go for certain settings. Phrases like Permalinks may seem completely alien to you, but this course helps you understand what they are and why they are so important.

It’s aimed at anyone wanting to start creating content, installing themes and plugins for WordPress. In my opinion it’s a great entry in the world of WordPress websites.


Why WordPress?

WordPress is a huge content management system with around 33% market share. That is a huge portion of the market. The other main reason is that I have been developing WordPress websites for close to 10 years, so I thought it’s time to help other people get on board with the worlds most popular content management system.

Another great reason for using WordPress is that it has a lot of amazing features, including the plugin and theme repository. The theme and plugin repository make it incredibly easy to extend and maintain your website. Any updates to your themes or plugins that have come from the official WordPress repositories will be delivered straight to your dashboard. More on how easy that is, is in the course.

What course should I do next?

If you have any other courses that you would like to see me do next, then leave me a comment below! I’m looking at doing a course for developers next, hopefully that will be a good one. Thanks for anyone who is taking the course, I’d love some feedback on it.