My Favourite WordPress Plugin for Email Marketing

I have been working on a website recently that required an email autoresponder that users could subscribe to and then recieve a weekly email. The email contained information on a training course that the client was providing. The whole site was setup including the training course and the signup form. The signup form was working but for MailChimp and not Wysija.

As the training course was only going to be a test for future products the client did not want to spend any money on the email marketing (which I suggested was wrong).

So after delving a little deeper into MailChimp I realised they do not offer auto responders for their free accounts. Darn! That was going to be a real pain as everything was setup and the final bit was going to be MailChimp. Wysija/MailPoet to the rescue!

Wysija WordPress Plugin

Wysija is a great plugin which allows you to setup auto responders, create email lists and manage subscribers. It is a great plugin which does offer some premium upgrades, but the free plugin works perfectly for what was required by the client.

Adding Subscribers

In the plugin you can import subscribers, but as with any list it is recommend to collect subscribers through your website, rather than dump in a load of email addresses that you don’t really know where they came from. The menu is fairly self explanatory when it comes to the Wysija plugin. To the left you have “MailPoet” then you can click subscribers, all the tools you need are there for adding/removing subscribers.

Email Subscription Lists

A good thing to do with email marketing is to put different types of users into different lists. For example you may have someone who has purchased your “Premium Product A” and doesn’t want to get emails recommending your “Premium Product A” but they might appreciate an email for “Premium Product B”. Wysija lets you do this with lists, you can assign people to different lists based on actions or where they signed up.

Signup Once Registered to WordPress

This is a great addition to the addon which can make it worth while using over other email providers. You can signup people to your email list when they register to join your WordPress site. This is great for people who have premium content in a safe login area and want to let people know via email when new content has arrived.

Final thoughts.

Overall the Wysija/MailPoet plugin is a great plugin, you can alter the advanced settings to make sure your emails don’t end up in a spam folder. One tip is to make sure the email you use to send out newsletters actually exists, otherwise your email is more likely to end up in the spam folder.

Good luck with your email newsletters and if you need some help leave a comment below.