The Three Hosting Companies I Have Used In The Past

Like everything on the internet it is important to do some research before you launch yourself into buying anything. One of the most important areas to do research is web hosting. I have written a quick review of some of the web hosting companies I have used in the past, take a look and be careful when choosing, personally I am still with JustHost and really enjoy the service they provide.

Nowadays, there are many websites that specialize in different niches, services and functions for everyone to check out or use depending on their preferences, many companies have decided to make certain websites that offer services to make these pages available for everyone. This kind of service is what most people call as web hosting, and this kind of service is what some people and companies invest so that they can be well known throughout the world for their skills in a certain niche or service.

Here are three of the top web hosting pages that make other websites possible to be published for everyone to see:


JustHost is one of the best services when it comes to publishing websites at a budget-friendly price, they offer different prices for hosting pages and making it secure for every webmaster to use. Here are the benefits of using

  • Basic web hosting services such as DNS registration, template builder for designs, services for marketing your site, a stable and user friendly control panel for webmasters, and an instant setup of your page once you register it.
  • Private servers are available in their site for a more safe and secure access for the site owner, and better performance for hosting the website. It also comes with multiple account management for a more convenient use which is good for company websites.
  • Very affordable prices.

With every service comes with one or more problems, however. Here is the problem for JustHost:

  • There are no available servers for Windows users, which is quite a downgrade for them since Windows is a mainstream OS that most people use.


BlueHost provides excellent web hosting for those who are in need of publishing their website. The service offer several options and ensures that the website will be properly optimized for publishing. Here are the best things that BlueHost can do for you:

  • Reliable web hosting services with a stable server that will never let you down. Offers such as file transfers, DNS hosting, e-mail service and more space for site hosting is guaranteed unlimited for registered users.
  • Provides the template setup, instant setup for your site, and instant integration of your site with their server.
  • Customer service is always available whenever you need help.

The site, however, has a single problem when it comes to their service offer:

  • The amount is quite expensive for some users, especially those with low starting budget.


Parents are what you need so that you will be able to start your life properly, and GoDaddy is your parent when it comes to starting up your website so people will know your worth in that niche. Here are the offers of GoDaddy for you:

  • Ensures the cheapest service available for you. This is perfect for those who are starting up with their website.
  • Unlimited services for bandwidth, servers and security.
  • Updated tools for you to use, complete with support for easy handling.

Here are some of the issues that go with GoDaddy:

  • Limited database that can limit your website count.
  • This issue may sometimes happen, but has a downtime unlike the other hosting sites.
  • It does not have a user friendly interface for the control panel.