CKEditor Broken In IE + Unterminated String Literal in Ace.js

This is a quick post to let people know about an issue with the CKEditor in drupal not displaying for internet explorer. I searched for a solution for a long time and could not find out why the CKEditor would not display in IE, very frustrating (but then I’ve never been a huge fan of drupal).

It turns out that this is a conflict with the Fitvids module. Try disabling that module and see if you can get CKEditor to display in internet explorer, if you can then great, if not then check the console for any conflicting javascript. The main problem I had was that the error was showing in Ace.js which is under the CKEditor library, so I went searching in there.

To fix CKEditor not showing IE

Disable the Fitvids module.

That’s it. I hope this has helped someone struggling to find the solution to this.