HTML / CSS Tutorials & Examples

Integrating LESS CSS with WordPress

Recently I had the need to create a base theme to include multi environment config files, LESS CSS and a couple of security features into WordPress. I'm going to show you how I have integrated LESS with a WordPress theme, including caching for production sites and without pre-compiling the less files so that you can work on your styles without slowing... Read Full Article

Learning The Basics Of CSS

Today i'm going to go through the basics of CSS, to understand what is happening with CSS you should first be familiar with HTML and be able to markup a website using it. If you do not then you can continue or you can take a look at my what is html article for a quick run through of what it is and how to use it.CSS stands for cascading style,... Read Full Article

What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym for a markup language called Hyper Text Mark Up Language. Hyper is the term used to mean that users can go anywhere in the "code" at any time. There is not the requirement to move sequentially (first this, then that, then third etc.). People on the Internet experience this "hyper" as being able to go anywhere on a web page they. ... Read Full Article

Where & How To Comment Out HTML or PHP?

If you have ever seen anything like <!-- I am a comment --> then you will know what an html comment is.This is a quick post to show how to do html comments and when you should use them.Here is an html comment.[html] <!-- I am an html comment. --> [/html]Notice the opening tag starts with an exclamation mark, but the... Read Full Article